Follow-up on Complaints About Licensees

To follow up on your complaint you can do one of the following:
  • Call the Dental Hygiene Board of California at (916) 263-1978 or (866) 810-9899 and ask for the Complaint Unit. It is helpful if you have your case number and the hygienist's name available.
  • Fax a follow-up request to the Dental Hygiene Board of California at (916) 623-4093.
  • Send a letter requesting the status of the case to:

Dental Hygiene Board of California
ATTN: Complaint Unit
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1350
Sacramento, CA 95815

The Dental Hygiene Board of California considers all complaints to be of the utmost importance. As a result the complaint review process may take an extended amount of time.

During the review process, documents are gathered from various sources. Once the information is received, the Board staff and hygiene consultants carefully review the complaint and all related documents prior to determining appropriate action. This can result in delays and may cause consumers concern that their complaints are not being addressed. Therefore, consumers are always welcome to inquire about the progress of their complaint by following the above listed process.